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Team JCE 3 loves mentors so much that our newest people are paired with our seasoned pros to make sure they learn from the best as they navigate the sales and marketing terrain. There’s so much we can learn from each other in this world. However, we need to know a few things to maximize the value of our relationships with these coaches:

• Be Honest With What You Need: Before you even seek out a mentor, you need to know exactly what you expect that person to deliver. In other words, think about your expectations. Do you want someone who is going to listen to your ideas and let you know what he or she thinks? Or do you want to glean knowledge from their experience?

• Get Comfortable With Feedback: Sometimes our mentors at JCE 3 have positive things to say about what we’re doing, and other times, they might have some truths we’re not prepared for. Either way, you need to be open to whatever input you receive and consider how it applies to your situation.

• Don’t Make Age a Factor: Guess what? The most knowledgeable person on a topic might not be the person who is oldest or has been around for ages. Be open to learning from anyone at any level. Experts are all around us.

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“I was not looking forward to a desk job after graduating. At JCE3, I found that an exciting career doesn’t have to mean sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours. I get to interact with new customers each day and it is amazing.”

— Jeffery

“The high energy and team environment here at JCE3 has me excited for each new day. The skills I have learned already are monumental to my career.”

— Amie