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Who loves Small Business Month? JCE 3, that’s who! We’re an emerging enterprise located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina and everyone here is big on the opportunities smaller firms offer. Here’s why we thrive in the customer acquisition industry.

When you work for a small business like JCE 3, you’re really on the cusp of huge success. In fact, we’re breaking new ground and driving impact in ways you’d never think possible with larger corporations. Our company’s promotion philosophy focuses on maintaining our talent base, which is why as we expand our market footprint, we increase our people’s chances to advance into leadership roles in short order. The opportunities we have to flex our entrepreneurial muscles are significantly greater here than in any mega-conglomerate.

We’re not tied to performing the same tasks every day. In fact, our flexible schedules allow us to explore new skills as we wear many hats throughout any given week. Being exposed to a variety of roles and departments is why we’re such a cohesive team. We fully understand how our contributions impact others.

As a smaller company, we have many chances to connect with everyone in our organization, from our colleagues to our executive-level management team. People at every stage of their career journeys are committed to helping each other achieve their goals and realize success. We make sure to celebrate our wins through team nights and other events, including travel. Check out what a successful small business with grand ambitions looks like by following JCE 3 on Instagram.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“I was not looking forward to a desk job after graduating. At JCE3, I found that an exciting career doesn’t have to mean sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours. I get to interact with new customers each day and it is amazing.”

— Jeffery

“The high energy and team environment here at JCE3 has me excited for each new day. The skills I have learned already are monumental to my career.”

— Amie