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August is now home to one of the most interesting celebrations we’ve heard about in recent years: National Simplify Your Life Week. The premise is simple: we’re busy people, but being busy doesn’t have to mean our lives are out of control. This August, Team JCE 3 will be putting a less is more approach to work for them using these and other suggestions:

• Write To-Do Lists Before Bed: This is a tip with multiple benefits, which is exactly the kind of JCE 3 strategy we love. Not only will this help us hit the ground running when we get out of bed the next day, but we’ll sleep better knowing we have a plan for tomorrow.

• Stock Healthy Snacks: Why waste time and energy fighting against your hunger, or standing at the vending machine? We look forward to stocking up on healthy snacks that will take all the decision making out of our afternoon need for munchies.

• Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts on Your Commute: When we listen to uplifting and informative messages as we travel back and forth to work, we protect our attitudes while also keeping our mental edges sharp.

• Plan Workouts in Advance: Finding time for exercise can be challenging enough without trying to make up a workout at the gym. We decide what kind of workout we’re going to do the night before, and that gives us a chance to look forward to it the next day.

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