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While being kind is a goal we aspire to year-round, Team JCE 3 is happy to celebrate World Kindness Day on Nov. 13 as well. What started as a good idea in 1998 has turned into a global movement, with 28 countries now participating. Extra credit to the Aussies, who actually picked seven days!

Of course, WKD has already gone by, but like we said kindness is our habit, not a one-day event. Here are some of our favorite JCE 3 ways to be kind every day:

• Uplifting Message: Forwarding an inspiring quote by email or just sending a “Thinking of you” text takes less than a minute, but might be the highlight of someone’s day.

• Road Repose: Next time someone cuts you off, smile and wave (with all your fingers).

• Take a Friend Out for Coffee: We spend so much time networking and strategizing in coffee shops that we forget how nice it is to just sit, relax, and catch up with a friend over a hot beverage.

• Stretch for a Smile: Bonus points for this one, because it includes stretching a bit outside our comfort zones to bring a smile to someone’s face. Not only do we grow as people, but we make the world a brighter place (at least for one other person).

We have several more tips, but these are a great start. Follow JCE 3 on Instagram to see all the ways we spread kindness throughout the day.

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