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As we were working our way through college, each of us had some very big career goals. Fortunately for us, we landed at JCE 3 after graduation, where new grads and interns are offered all the skills and support needed to achieve our highest aspirations.

For example, as students we knew that one day we wanted to be thought of as experts in our field. The JCE 3 learning program has made that a reality for us: through one-to-one coaching, workshops, and seminars, we are given access to the skills and knowhow that create success in our industry. Once we’ve attained a certain level of mastery, we become trainers, and even get chances to share our knowledge as keynote speakers.

Seeing the world was high on our career bucket lists in college as well, which makes our firm’s travel opportunities even more appreciated. Leadership retreats, weekends at exotic resorts, and cross-training at other high-performing offices give us chances to get away from the office and expand our personal and professional horizons.

Achieving leadership roles is a common and worthwhile goal, and our commitment to internal promotions makes that dream a reality. Once we’ve learned how to excel in our positions, we get the chance to advance in the company, ultimately earning the right to open and lead an office of our own.

New grads and interns can look forward to reaching any height of success they can imagine with our team. Like JCE 3 on Facebook to see what positions are open with us.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“I was not looking forward to a desk job after graduating. At JCE3, I found that an exciting career doesn’t have to mean sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours. I get to interact with new customers each day and it is amazing.”

— Jeffery

“The high energy and team environment here at JCE3 has me excited for each new day. The skills I have learned already are monumental to my career.”

— Amie