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We plan to open two new JCE 3 offices in 2020, which is great news for anyone who wants a challenging and rewarding career. Tim, our firm’s Director of Operations, notes that we’re seeking candidates who love to travel, and have exceptional leadership skills. He added that people who want to take charge and one day be their own boss are an ideal fit.

There are a few things we always look for during job interviews. Confident body language is important. We want to see candidates sit up straight, and make solid eye contact as they speak to us. A generally open posture is also good, because it indicates that a potential hire is honest and forthright.

We really like when prospective additions to Team JCE 3 focus on our company as well. It’s obvious when someone has done research on our firm and what makes us stand out in the customer acquisition industry. What’s even better is when candidates lay out why they’re an ideal fit, and how they can make a positive impact with us. This helps us to visualize how people would fit in, and tells us that they’re already thinking about performing well.

It’s a great time to come aboard and help us reach challenging goals. For more on our work culture and the positions we have available, follow JCE 3 on LinkedIn.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“I was not looking forward to a desk job after graduating. At JCE3, I found that an exciting career doesn’t have to mean sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours. I get to interact with new customers each day and it is amazing.”

— Jeffery

“The high energy and team environment here at JCE3 has me excited for each new day. The skills I have learned already are monumental to my career.”

— Amie